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How to beat EnbornX Stage 50

EnbornX iPad iPhone Game $2

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The Earth is under attack by an Endless Reborn Machine.
Enborn-X is the final hope of humankind.
Your mission is to deport that stopless machine to the Universe and safe the World.

The Game
Enborn-X is a side-scrolling shooting game which concentrate on "giant boss battle". You control an armored girl Enborn-X to fight back a giant enemy named Enborn. Everytime you destroy Enborn, it reborns into a bigger and stronger creature. Your goal is to kill as many as you can and as fast as possible with your powerful weapons in order to get high score.

- 35mm 3-way Spray Gun
for wide range attack
- Light Saber
for short range attack
- Hyper Laser Cannon
for massive destruction

Challenging HUGE boss battle
Three kinds of destructive weapon with infinite ammo
Unlimited mutating enemy
Massive amount of missile and bullet
Hi-res quality graphics
Beautiful artwork
Wonderful music
Supports Openfeint Leaderboard

Changes in version 1.09:
minor bug fix

Changes in version 1.08:
improve Zeemote JS1 Controller connectivity
support Zeemote JS1 Controller
A: Laser cannon
B: Light Saber
C: Spray gun
support up to 2 controllers
support Intel Atom
fix lock screen restart bug
improve performance. Especially on PowerVR chipset.
bug fix

Changes in version 1.07:
complete keyboard mapping.
C: Spray Gun
X: Light Saber
Z: Hyper Laser Cannon
Arrow Keys: Movement
minor bug fix

Changes in version 1.06:
Integrated with Heyzap Check-in button
reduce memory usage
relative touch become the default control mode
some performance boost
minor bug fix

Changes in version 1.05:
minor bug fixes.
improved touchscreen control
Survival mode won't be hidden by starting a new game.
You are now being able to gain more life in normal game mode before starting Survival mode. Be aware that, starting score of Survival mode is as same as your current score in normal game mode.
fix startup crash without SD card when installed on internal memory.
fix crash on device with dual-core CPU.
fix cannot save control mode without SD card.

Changes in version 1.04:
add option screen to change control mode instead of tapping by two fingers.
fix R800a gamepad issue.
XPERIA PLAY Optimized.

Changes in version 1.03:
fix a serious game frozen bug.
should run fine on device without arm neon
modify OpenFeint initialization code. Hopefully fix major startup bug.
allow install on SD card

Changes in version 1.02:
Japanese Language support!!
Relative Touch control support!!
Tap with two fingers to switch control mode
15 new Achievements!!
Boss new parts
Boss new weapon
D-pad sensitivity optimized

*This game requires a multitouch screen**

For more developer news, follow ours on:

optimize memory usage for ldip display
Samsung Galaxy Series touch control problem.
fix game lag problem when device haven't reboot for a long period
minor bug fix
remove READ_CONTACTS, due to everyone concern :)
EnbornX is now on Scoreloop :)
Sorry about that. All OpenFeint record would be lost.
fix a lagging bug while bluetooth turn off